Mardi 17 octobre - 22:00

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HARSH REALMS (Punk rock / NL)

First rehearsals were a mess. But HARSH REALMS was born (2012 - Roosendaal - Holland). Four guys playing punk rock in the tradition of Hot Water Music, Red City Radio, Off With Their Heads, Polar Bear Club and stuff. Call it punk rock, call it orgcore. Call it anything you like. They trash stages in foggy basements, bunker squats, everything. They’ll even play your wedding, funeral or Tupperware party if you want them to. Maarten de Vugt (Vox/Bass), Wouter de Vugt (Drums), Coen Floren (Guitar) and Hans Vermeeren (Guitar) play for the money and the money only. Epic supports, great backstage stories, appreciation and just having a good time whilst being young… Overrated. Though, they’ve shown their pretty faces in countries like Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria and the UK and played with bands such as: The Offspring, Off With Their Heads, Good Riddance, Teenage Bottlerocket, Nothington, Smoke Or Fire, Red City Radio, Versus The World, Lower Than Atlantis, Apologies I Have None, Astpai, PJ Bond, Tim Vantol, Antillectual, Crazy Arm, River Jumpers and Schelles.



Ils sont plutôt rares sur scène, mais ils n'en restent pas moins l'un des groupes havrais les plus installés dans le paysage local. Un groupe qui n'a jamais abandonné le Punk Rock depuis ses (lointains!) débuts, mais qui arrive malgré tout à rester dans le game, toujours sincères et énergiques.